Upper Limb Ultrasound Masterclass

Sydney, Saturday October 17th, 2020

9:00am – 4:30pm


MSK Australia is a professional group of Radiologists and Sonographers with a passion for musculoskeletal imaging and sports medicine. Our goal is to provide high quality educational content in outstanding locations, within a relaxed intimate environment and at an affordable price.

The MSK Masterclass Series is a single day event bringing together local and national experts to share their knowledge on either the upper or lower limb.

The topic for this year’s Sydney event is the Upper Limb, where presenters will provide a clinically guided rationale to the sonographic imaging and assessment of these structures. The combination of lectures and didactic live scanning workshops will guide delegates on where and how to look, what to find and how to make the correct diagnosis.

Whether a beginner or advanced ultrasound clinician, you will develop new knowledge and skills to enhance your clinical practice.



“This conference filled the gaps I have in my MSK and cemented the skills I already have. This has to be one of my favourite conferences that I have attended in 22 years. MSK is a passion for me and the info is very relevant, practical and delivered in a friendly and relaxed way. I have already used the skills I have gained at this conference. I look forward to the next one.”

“Content was interesting and relevant and changed my thinking about how I do MSK scans.”

“I’ve been a sono for over 20years. This conference has given me new inspiration for ultrasound.

Can’t wait to get home and pick up a probe!”

“Excellent content, concise scanning explanations and tips and a friendly social atmosphere.

All presenters were extremely approachable and knowledgeable.”


The conference program is targeted to Radiologists, Sonographers and Sports Medicine doctors with an interest in MSK ultrasound imaging.  Other professionals that are welcomed to attend and could gain significant insight into MSK imaging would include radiographers, pain and rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists and any other medical professional with an interest in this field.


RANZCR and ASAR CPD points are available for attendance of this conference with 6.25 hours of conference content equating to 6.25 CPD points.


The registration fee for this Lower Limb MSK Masterclass is $285+GST and includes morning tea and lunch.


9:00-9:15: GE Welcome

9:15-9:45: Rotator Interval and Cuff Anatomy

9:45-10:05: Cuff Tears and Tendinopathy

10:05-10:45: Shoulder Clinical Presentations and Differential Diagnosis

10:45-11:30: Shoulder Live Scanning Workshop

11:30-12:00: Morning Tea

12:00-12:20: Elbow Load Induced Tendinopathies

12:20-12:40: Upper Limb Nerve Entrapments

12:240-13:30: Elbow and Nerves Live Scanning Workshop

13:30-14:15: Lunch

14:15-14:35: Radial Sided Wrist Pain

14:35-14:55: Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

14:45-15:30: Digit Extensor and Flexor Apparatus

15:45-16:30: Wrist and Hand Live Scanning Workshop

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Royal Price Alfred Hospital

Kerry Packer Education Centre

12A Missenden Rd
Camperdown, NSW 2050

Kerry Packer Education Centre

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