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Lisfranc Injury

CLINICAL INFORMATION 56yo male suffered a seizure in the bathroom 4 weeks ago (first known seizure, of unknown cause). Once regained consciousness, multiple abrasions and bruises noted, with painful weightbearing on left foot.XR FINDINGS Widening of the lisfranc...

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1st Rib Stress Fracture

CLINICAL INFORMATION 14 year old girl complaining of a 2-week history of non-specific shoulder pain. Onset of symptoms occurred after an intensive softball throwing practice. Symptoms were aggravated by any shoulder movements away from the body and resulted in a...

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Soleus Intramuscular Aponeurosis Tear

CLINICAL INFORMATION 1/52 history of calf pain post take off with pain on resisted plantar flexion. ULTRASOUND FINDINGS A focal tear involving the lateral intramuscular aponeurosis of the Soleus muscle is noted. This is classed as a Grade 2 strain as there is...

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Costal Cartilage Fracture

Not radiographically recognisable (unless signficant cartilage calcification) these costal cartilage fractures can be easily missed. This is a case of a AFL footballer who reported severe left upper quadrant pain post collision. The patient presented on Monday still...

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Isolated Pectoralis Minor Tear

This is an interesting case of an isolated Pectoralis Minor musculotendinous junction (MTJ) tear. The patient presented with anterior shoulder and upper chest pain. This had an acute onset as he applied a tackle during a weekend football game. No visible bruising...

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Tarsal Coalition

Tarsal coalition describes the complete or partial union of two or more bones in the foot. This developmental fusion is commonly symptomatic when partially fused, leading to the pseudo-joint (cartilaginous or fibrous union) undergoing increased mechanical stress. This...

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Stener Lesion – “Gamekeepers thumb”

This is a case of a 55 year old female presenting with radial deviation of the thumb metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint post fall. Imaging of the thumb MCP jt showed a Stener Lesion with rupture and retraction of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). The UCL has retracted...

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