This is an interesting case of an isolated Pectoralis Minor musculotendinous junction (MTJ) tear.

The patient presented with anterior shoulder and upper chest pain. This had an acute onset as he applied a tackle during a weekend football game. No visible bruising noted and abduction was painful over 80 degrees. Imaging request was for “Right Shoulder-?cuff tear.”

The rotator cuff/shoulder was assessed with ultrasound and no cuff or joint pathology was identified. The examination was extended to cover the upper chest and a normal Pectoralis Major was noted with the underlying Pectoralis Minor displaying a large MTJ tear with associated haematoma. This isolated injury is very rare as it is usually associated with a Pectoralis Major injury.

Always remember to scan the entire symptomatic area, not just what is written on the request.

Pectoralis Minor MTJ tear.

Proximal Pectoralis Minor- sagittal view.

Comparison with normal contralateral side.

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